(Reread Write Up) Anna and the French Kiss

Books and movies have always been my comfort. Well, that and napping. Even since I was a little kid those were the things I loved when I was sick. 

I've been home with the flu since Thursday and, while it isn't the terribleawfulgross flu, it sucks. Obviously I've been keeping myself busy with books (if you follow this blog of me on Goodreads, you'd know), but today I wanted something that I knew I was going to love. 

So I went with an old favorite that I knew would be perfect and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I definitely have a sweet spot for St. Clair so seeing him again (after knowing how their story ends) was so much fun. I love how well he and Anna just fit. I think since you only read Anna'a point of view in the story you think that sometimes her feelings are one-sided, so you almost feel sorry for her. St. Clair, or √Čtienne, as she comes to call him is charismatic and charming...not to mention totally unavailable. 

Despite her feelings for him Anna can't stay away from her new best friend. I think that is one of the best parts of the whole story. They really are best friends and it's something that both of them have come to treasure. Deep down they both know that a relationship between them might mess everything up with everyone they know (especially Meredith). 

I feel like this story has the right amount of everything in it: swoons, friendship, drama...just everything. I love that the girls still stick together and don't lose their friendship over a boy. Even when Anna is upset because √Čtienne ran after Meredith she still sticks up for her because that's what true friends do. Despite the fact that they're in high school and do tend to make rash decisions and say stupid things, I still love their relationship. These two crazy kids give me all the feels and I'm glad I'm picked this book up today.