(Review) Wild Swans

Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood
Publication Date: May 6th, 2016
Pages: 304 (kindle)
Genre: Young Adult
My Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:
The summer before Ivy’s senior year is going to be golden; all bonfires, barbeques, and spending time with her best friends. For once, she will just get to be. No summer classes, none of Granddad’s intense expectations to live up to the family name. For generations, the Milbourn women have lead extraordinary lives—and died young and tragically. Granddad calls it a legacy, but Ivy considers it a curse. Why else would her mother have run off and abandoned her as a child?

But when her mother unexpectedly returns home with two young daughters in tow, all of the stories Ivy wove to protect her heart start to unravel. The very people she once trusted now speak in lies. And all of Ivy’s ambition and determination cannot defend her against the secrets of the Milbourn past…
My Review: 
I picked this up for my kindle on sale and was pleasantly surprised with it. I love the whole kind of "outrunning your destiny" idea of the story and Ivy was a great character.

All of the Milbourn women before Ivy have been talented, but also tormented. Ivy feels like she's spent a lot of time trying to find her talent only she's put her foot down this summer. This summer is hers.

Until her mother, whom she hasn't seen since she was a baby, shows up with Ivy's two younger sisters in tow. A wrench is thrown into her plans as these people invade her home and her life.

I really, really liked Ivy as a main character. She is strong and smart, tough but kind. Despite what her mother thinks, Ivy loves her grandfather and really just wants his approval. He's raised her and she loves him more than anything.

This book is filled with colorful characters that really complement each other nicely. Ivy and her friends are a cool bunch of girls. They are each different in their own way, but it works well with the three of them. Her sisters are interesting and do grow on you eventually.

I pretty much hated Ivy's mother, however. She was selfish and rude and treated Ivy, her own daughter, terribly.

The book definitely had some swoon-worthy moments and I loved the connections between the two characters. The ending left me wanting a little more, but I feel like the characters were in a good place so I was pretty happy with it.

Definitely check this one out, it's super cute.