Reading Recap - May & June

Okay, so it's now July and I'm totally slacking on posts that aren't reviews. The end of May and the beginning of June were insane. I just got back from a week long trip to a land without proper WiFi and I didn't have enough time to throw something together before then. (Maybe I've been a little lazy, sue me.)

But, alas, it's summertime! I'm going to post my top reads for May and June like in previous months' recaps and I hope you find something that sparks your interest! (You might have seen some of these on other lists before, if you follow.) 

Five Star Reads:
Read A Court of Thorn and Roses first, please. 

This one doesn't come out until August but put it on your list. 


Beautiful and empowering. 

Four Star Reads:




Three Star Reads:


Phew. I'm going to leave you with those few. I read some A+ YA and a couple of really good adult novels these two months. I also had the privilege of meeting Trish Doller after finding out she works out my local Barnes & Noble. (She was lovely, I was a wreck.) I've got some fun comics that I've been reading, too, so check me out on Goodreads if you want! 

Happy reading!

Here's a picture of Chris Evans being adorable for your time.