(Review) Something Like Normal

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
Publication Date: September 24, 2013
Pages: 214 (paperback) 
Genre: Contemporary
My Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars 

Goodreads Synopsis:
Sometimes the best you can hope for is something like normal.
Sometimes what you get might be even better.

After Travis returns home from serving in Afghanistan, adjusting to his former life is anything but easy. Especially since his brother stole his girlfriend (and his car). then he runs into Harper - a girl he wronged who wants nothing to do with him. But there's something different about her now. She's beautiful, smart, strong, and funny... and she might be the only one who can show Travis that there's more to his future than just his past.

My Review: 
For a few years now I've seen this book on display at my local Barnes & Noble and I always just kind of pass it by. It was literally everywhere you turned in the store and finally, after buying and reading it, I know why. Trish Doller is from my hometown. She's a local author and they were showcasing her book. Kudos to all involved and sorry I'm not that bright! 

This was a good book. I read Doller's Where the Stars Still Shine and completely fell in love with so I figured I'd finally pick this one up. I liked Travis a lot. He's a messed up kid trying to live his life. This book touches on things that most of us will never know or have to see in our lives, but I think Doller does it will (same with WtSSS). When 

I loved how tough and smart Harper is. She doesn't take any crap for Travis and has no problem telling him off. She treats him like normal even though it's the furthest from what he feels. Harper is definitely good for him, even if he does feel damaged at times. 
Everyone else in this book is just kind of meh. I really hated Travis' father and brother. They were completely not supportive and total douchebags to him. His mom is great and you can tell she only wants to love her son. 

Harper and Travis' relationship is sweet. Travis has a lot to make up for and Harper doesn't cut him any slack. Nothing they do is rushed or out of the ordinary, but I would have liked to have seen it fleshed out a little bit more. This story didn't go too deep into their relationship, but I did enjoy what I read. I liked that the ending was a little open-ended and I hope that, in his way, Travis found his happiness.