Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes for the Book Genie

Hey, I remembered  Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly feature on from The Broke and the Bookish. Go me! This week's topic is ten things you'd ask the book genie for. So, here we go.

1. Dear Jo,
How about a prequel? Maybe about the Marauders?

2. Rick, 
How about more Percy? The Blood of Olympus left me wanting a little bit more. I'd love to see him all grown up. 

3. A wall of books. Or, a lot of walls of books. I'd like a book house, please. 
This will do. 
4. No holds on library forever and ever. 

5. New books delivered to my door step the minute...wait, I have Amazon Prime. This one happens! 

6. Extra hours at night to read books I love but the ability to not feel tired in the morning when I have to go teach small children. 

7. Author friends. Author friends means free books, right? (Also, if you were my friend I'd totally buy your book and actually probably have, okay?) 

8. Reading through osmosis. I used to want this in high school when I would nap on my physics books. 

9. Dating sites that match people up based on their reading selections.

10. Honestly? I just want books. All the books. 


  1. Remember that movie where Kim Basinger was an alien and she read books putting her hand in the middle of them? I wish I could do that...


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